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Add a touch of sweet sparkle to your StirCrazi cocktails, quarantinis, martinis, and champagne glasses. These colored garnishes to are sure to delight at your virtual Zoom happy hour, champagne toast, high tea time, bridesmaid party, baby shower, or Mad Hatter Tea Party.

These sugar garnishes are the perfect touch to any cocktail, or gift basket. Our flavored sugar is infused with culinary food grade flowers (rose or lavender), citrus rines (orange, lemon, lime) and vanilla, for mouth watering scent and delicate flavor. The color of the sugar is a pastel purple, pink, or yellow, depending on the flavor you chose.

In the light, these sugar crystals glisten in the light like tiny jewels. We use this rim sugar for lemon drop martinis, but it's also tasty in tea, to add a sparkle sugar to mocktails and stir into drink to make a lavender lemonade, sangria, or sweeten a margarita. The perfect accent to mocktails, tea, seltzer, or toddies!

Use as a drink garnish or flavoring.
To flavor, add the packet to your StirCrazi infusion.
To garnish, pour contents of packet onto a plate or shallow bowl. Wet the rim of your cocktail glass and dip into the sugar or salt garnish until the rim is fully covered.

Recommended Pairings:
Lavender + Violet Delights
Rose + Rose All May
Citrus + Cinco de Drinko Margarita or Summer Sangria
Cinnamon Clove + Fireball

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