'Flavor of the Month' Club - 1 Year Subscription Box
'Flavor of the Month' Club - 1 Year Subscription Box
'Flavor of the Month' Club - 1 Year Subscription Box
'Flavor of the Month' Club - 1 Year Subscription Box
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 'Flavor of the Month' Club - 1 Year Subscription Box
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 'Flavor of the Month' Club - 1 Year Subscription Box
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 'Flavor of the Month' Club - 1 Year Subscription Box
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 'Flavor of the Month' Club - 1 Year Subscription Box

'Flavor of the Month' Club - 1 Year Subscription Box

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Taste every color of the StirCrazi rainbow with our Tipsy Tea Flavor Packs. 

Tipsy Tea 'Flavor of the Month' Club includes:

    • FREE StirCrazi mixer jar (valued at $30)
    • 12 Tipsy Tea Flavors, delivered every month (valued at at $200)
    • Complimentary recipe card with each new shipment
    • Instruction guide
    • Cocktail Club Welcome Letter + House Rules
    • Exclusive limited flavor editions (available to club members only)
    • First access to new flavors before they hit the store


Club Member Only Flavors: 

  • Crazi Cool Moscow Mule
  • Coffee Coconut
  • Holiday Joy Mulled Wine
  • Grapefruit Rosemary
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Berry Crush
  • + more...

Also included: 

You won't believe your eyes when this sweet and colorful ocean-inspired cocktail shimmers like a mermaid's tail. 

  • Garnish pairing suggestion: Lime or Lavender Sugar
  • Liquor pairing suggestion: Rum or Vodka

    Pirate’s Punch
    Get shipwrecked with this tropical cocktail treat perfect to sip on the beach.

    • Garnish pairing suggestion: Lime or Coconut Sugar
    • Liquor pairing suggestion: Rum or Vodka

    Summer Sangria
    Transforms any bottle of wine into an exotic treat.

    • Garnish pairing suggestion: Citrus Sugar
    • Liquor pairing suggestion: White or Red Wine, or Vodka

    Violet Delights
    Lavender lemonade with a photo-worthy color surprise.

    • Garnish pairing suggestion: Citrus or Lavender Sugar
    • Liquor pairing suggestion: Vodka or Gin

    Rosé All May
    A StirCrazi take on rosé with real flowers. Changes into a stirring color before your eyes!

    • Garnish pairing suggestion: Citrus Sugar or Rose Sugar
    • Liquor pairing suggestion: Vodka or Gin

    Cinqo de Drinko

    A spicy twist for your margarita.

    • Garnish pairing suggestion: Chili Lime Salt or Citrus Sugar
    • Liquor pairing suggestion: Tequila or Vodka

    Apple Cinnamon Pie
    Zesty apple pie in a glass.

    • Garnish pairing suggestion: Cinnamon, Citrus, or Apple Sugar.
    • Liquor pairing suggestion: Whisky, Vodka, or Rum.


    For a Faster Infusion:

    1. Warm suggested spirit in a pot on the stove (don’t boil).
    2. Carefully pour hot spirit into StirCrazi mixer over ingredients.
    3. Put lid on tightly, give a good shake.
    4. Let cool at least 30 minutes.
    5. Stir, pour, sip, and enjoy!

    Traditional Infusion:

    1. Add spirit to your jar and let it steep for 4-7 days.
    2. Combine 1-3 ounces with soda water or tonic. Shake, stir, pour, sip, and enjoy!

    Share your creation on Instagram and tag #StirCrazi to earn a free refill.

    Virgin (Tea Infusion)

    1. Combine your StirCrazi mix with hot water and allow to soak 10-15 minutes. 

    2. Stir, pour, sip, enjoy, and share your creation on social media to earn a free refill. 

    Your Tipsy Tea Mixer Jar comes with a cloth strainer so you can make and pour your creation into a easy-to-sip cocktail.

    Each infusion flavors up to 16 drinks, if you reuse your StirCrazi kit twice. Just strain your spirit infusion into a new container, and refill the jar ingredients with spirits again. 

    Unflavored vodka works with every flavor, but this mixer will be delicious with any liquor from tequila to bourbon.

    Whether you prefer afternoon tea or a happy hour, StirCrazi's herbal infusions are delicious when soaked with spirits or traditional hot water. Either way, you will love it.

    Sit back and relax, while we deliver the drink to your door. StirCrazi Tea Liquor Infusion Kits bring the tasty recipes to you. Just select your spirit, soak, stir, pour, and sip!

    The 'Flavor of the Month' is available for a limited time only. Be sure to order while still available. 

    Our drinks our packed with lemons, oranges, and citrus fruit to keep your Vitamin C levels up and immunity high! We also include antioxidant rich spices like ginger and cinnamon so you can feel great the next day. 

    Our flavorful concoctions are made with the finest quality local ingredients, including:

    • Mouthwatering fruit
    • Exotic edible flowers
    • Zesty spices
    • Healthy herbs

    Each jar is packed with more delicious fruit, juice, love, excitement, and care than you could ever imagine. It may look smaller freeze dried but packs a powerful flavor punch. In fact, we guarantee at least an entire full apple or orange in every jar. It is dried with the utmost care you can get.

    Our mission is to bring the healthy, delicious vitamin-packed fruits of our labor to the world. To do that, we have developed a special (secret) curating process that makes the taste even more magical.

    Why not drink your vitamins?


    Spare yourself the sugar hangover! All recipes are sugar free, paleo, and keto friendly. Every recipe is made with real, whole fruits, spices, and vegetables, and we promise at least one whole fruit in every jar. 

    Unlike flavored liquor at the store, we don't use chemicals, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrups to flavor to enhance our creations. 

    StirCrazi is eco-friendly and takes being zero-waste very seriously. Save yourself (and the environment) from harmful cans, bottles, and six pack rings that pollute the environment and endanger animals. 

    Your StirCrazi mixer is made to last for life, and for you to use again and again. Each StirCrazi Refill pack you order will provide the equivalent of a flavored beverage six pack, without the can and bottle pollution and cleanup aftermath. 

    In a time of social distancing, StirCrazi's Tipsy Tea Infusions are the perfect gesture to send love from afar to a loved one. 

    Be sure to remove any instruction manuals or garnish bags from the shaker before infusing your liquor. Exotic flavors of sweeteners, garnishes, and flavorings are sold separately at

    Tea liquor mixes are are food grade but for infusion purposes only. We don’t recommend them as snacks.

    We drink to your health, happiness, and longevity. Cheers!

    StirCrazi accepts no liability and shall not be held responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses resulting from the use of products purchased from this shop. Purchasing shop products signifies your acceptance of this statement and releases StirCrazi from all liability.


    Your mix may contain any of the following: orange, lemon, lime, cinnamon, ginger, lavender, hibiscus, green tea, black tea, chai, turmeric, butterfly pea, strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, mango, banana, apple, blueberry, roses, jalapeno pepper, Serrano pepper, clove, vanilla, nutmeg, allspice, berries, star anise, coffee, nutmeg, salt, stevia, sugar, Tajin. Please note: Products are for flavoring purposes only. All ingredients are food grade, but not intended for consumption. Please refrain from purchasing if you or your gift recipient has any allergy to the ingredients above.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review

    I was super excited to receive the flavor of the month club in the mail. However, upon unboxing, I realized I had some questions. I know this is a newer business, so I am providing details in the hope they will be taken as constructive.

    1. I received all 12 months worth of product in the first box. As best I can tell, the description did not indicate this. Typically flavor of the month type products ship something each month.
    2. Upon receiving the box with all 12 flavors, directions said that product should be consumed within 6 months of receiving. To me this means I'd need to use 2 flavors per month and it would not be able to be spaced out over the course of a year.
    3. I received one mixing jar with a one-time use filter. When using the included filter, the liquid did not want to pour out of the jar. I had some cheesecloth on hand and tried that instead in a double layer, which worked much better.
    4. Between website listings and included directions, there is some discrepancy on how long you should infuse for. I don't know if 3-4days or 4-7 days is best, and if anything bad can happen if you let it sit longer.
    5. Neither I nor my significant other have tried a wide variety of alcoholic drinks and therefore knew we may not like all flavors. We also aren't tea drinkers, so knew using them in that way wouldn't be a plan B. Our mixing jar came with the Mer-teani flavor so we started with that, and thus far have only tried that flavor. We infused in plain vodka. We bought both tonic and soda water to use as mixers, and tried it straight as well. Unfortunately we didn't like any combination, which left us wondering if there were any other ways to mix/try it out. I don't know if using a clear rum which is also recommended would change the flavor profile enough. I would love to see a section on the website with recipes for those flavors that can be used in different ways. And also something in the description for flavors saying "if you like xx drink, you'll love xx flavor" to help guide those of us with less knowledge. Maybe something as generic as "our products are ideal if you like xx types of beverages and are looking for a new spin on them".
    6. I did not receive a recipe card for each flavor, unless you count the standard "infuse with vodka or rum for 3-4days".