What is 'StirCrazi Liquor Tea'?

StirCrazi Liquor Tea are flavorful blends of fruit, herbs, and spices that you soak in your spirits to give your drink delicious aromas and flavor. It's like tea, but for alcohol. We also like to think it makes our cocktails a little healthier. 

How does the 'StirCrazi Infusion Kit' work?

To make your own StirCrazi Liquor Tea, simply pour the spirit of your choice into your StirCrazi Infusion Kit until it's (almost) full. Then wait several days until your DIY spirit reaches full flavor. Combine your newly flavored alcohol with ice and soda water or tonic, and you have an exotic mixology creation to enjoy at home. 

The best part about StirCrazi is it is your own truly unique creation, based on what spirit you choose, and how long you wait. That is why we love seeing what our customers come up with, and how they make it their own with garnishes and mixers. 

What alcohol should I use?

All of our creations taste fantastic when infused with vodka, because it is a flavorless 'blank slate'. However, each StirCrazi infusion has it's own pairing recommendation, which you will find on our menu in the product description. We encourage creativity. You can try anything from tequila to bourbon for your infusion. 

We DON'T recommend combining your StirCrazi infusion with pre-flavored alcohol. Stick to unflavored spirits only. 

How full should I fill my StirCrazi jar mixer? 

All the way! StirCrazi kits are designed to be filled almost to the top but don't let it spill over! However, this isn't a strict rule. The less you fill it, the stronger the flavor will be. 

How long do I wait? 

The longer you wait, the stronger your flavor - no more than two weeks. We suggest allowing to infuse at least 3-7 days, tasting along the way until it reaches your desired strength. Your kit will come with instructions on how to make a faster infusion as well. The StirCrazi team is usually so excited to try our creations that we can only wait overnight (shhh don't tell). 

How do I use my StirCrazi infusion? 
Detailed instructions are also located on your StirCrazi mixer jar kit or refill bag. Be sure to remove your manual and any garnish bags before infusing liquor. To give you the Cliff's notes, fill your StirCrazi jar with the liquor of your choice, leaving an inch of room at the top, and let sit 3-7 days in the fridge. Refer to your instruction manual for faster infusion instructions. 

Where do I store my StirCrazi infusion? 
Once infusion process has begun, please store your StirCrazi in the refrigerator at all times (unless serving). Before you infuse, store your StirCrazi tea liquor blend in a cool, dry place. 

How long should I wait to drink my StirCrazi?

Consume liquor infusion within two weeks or sooner after infusion is complete. 

How long should I wait to make my StirCrazi?
Before you add spirits, your StirCrazi infusion has a shelf life of six months. Please enjoy sooner rather than later.

How do refills work?
To use your StirCrazi refill, disperse the bag contents into your cleaned and emptied StirCrazi mixer. Follow instructions to infuse with your alcohol of choice.

You can purchase refills or join our ‘Flavor of the Month’ subscription club at 

Do I drink it straight? 
It depends on how strong of a kick you can handle. Unless you want to put some hair on your chest, we highly suggest diluting your libation with a mixer such as tonic, soda water, or triple sec for a lighter flavor. Sign up for our email list or check out our blog for free recipes, such as our Chocolate Fireball Martini, or Skinny Cucumber Margarita. 

I don't drink alcohol. Can I still drink my StirCrazi?
Yes. StirCrazi makes delicious fruit infused water and tea. If you prefer StirCrazi virgin, simply add hot water and steep for 10-15 minutes before enjoying. For infused water, add hot water to your StirCrazi let sit in the fridge overnight.


Can I use my StirCrazi as a bath soak?

Yes! But we only recommend this for the Lavender Lemonade flavor. 

Can I infuse my StirCrazi with wine? 
Yes! However, we only recommend this for Summer Sangria and Fireball flavors. Simply fill your jar with the wine of your choice, or combine in a pitcher, and store in the fridge overnight before drinking.

How do I garnish my drink with StirCrazi flavored salt or sugar? 
When your StirCrazi is ready, pour garnish on a plate, dampen your glass rim, and dip into the garnish before pouring your drink. Please don't try to flavor your drink with the salt garnishes. That would be weird. 

How do I strain the tea and pour the liquid?
The StirCrazi shaker comes with with a built-in strainer. Once your drink has infused, remove the metal cap and re-attach the tea cloth with the metal ring to strain liquid. This strainer is only intended for one use. Refills can be requested at

Every refill comes with a large Liquor Tea infusion bag. Please the content of the refill in your bag, and then in the jar before infusing. 

Can I eat my StirCrazi?
StirCrazi mixes are food grade, but intended for infusion purposes only. We don’t recommend them as snacks. Please don't eat. 

What is in my StirCrazi?
A blend of fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, vitamins, and flowers. Your StirCrazi may include or have been made on material containing: lemon, lime, orange, apple, grape, cinnamon, ginger, pineapple, mango, mint, basil, lavender, rose, hibiscus, green tea, riboflavin, maltodextrin, coconut, butterfly pea, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, grape, jalapeño, Serrano pepper, coffee, vanilla extract, sugar, salt, Tajin, food coloring, blue green algae, or stevia.