Our Story

At StirCrazi, we celebrate the amazing taste of real, simple ingredients every day. We think real food deserves a real drink to go with it.

StirCrazi infusion blends have zero added sugar, and are flavored 100% with real fruit, flowers, herbs, spices, and even vegetables. No artificial flavors and no 'natural' flavors either. Just real, whole foods. 

If you have any doubts, just take a look at one of our jars and you can spot each ingredient. Even better, StirCrazi infusions are paleo and keto friendly and zero calories. 

 StirCrazi was born during the quarantine of 2020. Like millions of others, the StirCrazi team had just a little bit of free time on our hands. We were stuck at home with a serious case of cabin fever. 

Drinks are better with friends, and we missed happy hour rituals. We wanted to find a way to bring those magical, social moments back to life. How could we buy our pals a beverage, and bond over drinks remotely? 

We also wanted to help dose the world with as much immunity boosting vitamins and antioxidants as possible. What better way to take your vitamins, than in a cocktail?

Seeing how stressed out every one was feeling at this time, we decided to go the extra mile and figure out how to infuse our liquor creations with aromatherapy - lavender, peppermint, citrus - to boost mood, energy and concentration. We realized that two of the most relaxing activities are happy hour and tea time. Why not combine them both?

Around this time, our recycling bins were piling up with bottles, cans, and plastic six pack rings from soda, flavored water, and the at home quarantinis we had been making ourselves. Not only were all of these containers awful for the environment, we were just getting sick of taking out the trash so often. 

We did the math and realized one StirCrazi infusion (mixed with alcohol or soda) could save us two six packs of flavored carbonated water. Cool, right? 

StirCrazi started as a gift for our friends - a way to reconnect. After they raved about it, we decided to throw it up on the Internet to find if strangers liked it too! 

Sure enough before our eyes we got one order, then two, and then A HUNDRED! We're still so incredible grateful and dedicated our early customers and supporters, and their patience, support, and enthusiasm as we bootstrapped to where we are today. 

Now, we have hundreds of happy customers and are growing faster than ever. StirCrazi has eight flavors and counting is constantly refining our processes to make sure we are delivering the best product. Each jar is handmade and hand-packed with more delicious fruit, juice, love, excitement, and care than you could ever imagine.

Hands down the toughest part of the StirCrazi biz is not eating our own product. It may look small freeze dried but packs a powerful flavor punch. And isn't it the little things in life, anyway?

In fact, we guarantee at least an entire full apple or orange in every jar. It is dried with the utmost care you can get - straight from a bootstrapped family business. Our mission is to bring the healthy, delicious vitamin-packed fruits of our labor to the world. To do that, we have developed a special (secret) curating process that makes the taste even more magical. 

We like to think that the smiles we make it with will be delivered to you when you taste it. Know that with every purchase you make, you are making someone's day. In the meantime, we promise not to eat our own stock so you can get the most fruitful, scrumptious product imaginable. 

It takes a lot of willpower but we're going to do it just for you. Thanks for reading and supporting small business. We are StirCrazi about you! 


-Elise and The StirCrazi Team